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With our Gourmet 9 Senses Botanicals you get 9 fantastic Gin botanicals in every set. Use these to create your own Gin. An idea of how each botanical effects the drink are shown below.

Green Cardamom: cardamom adds two berries in your cup for a sweet and spicy flavour at the same time. The aroma is a mix between mint and lemon eucalyptus.

Pink Pepper: Crushed lightly together a few berries will add a fruity and spicy hint. Add this if you want to re-enact the taste of the more superior Gins.

Star Anise: Decorate your glass ornately whilst adding a smoothing quality and anise aroma and taste.

Hibiscus: Floral and lightly fragranced with overtones of red fruit, Hibiscus balances the aromas in premium gins perfectly.

Rose Petals:  rose petals do bring something new to the gin taste spectrum enhancing the classic juniper and citrus flavours with fresh, floral, slightly aromatic notes and a silky smooth texture.

Juniper Berries: The main ingredient of any gin, sweet tasting slightly spicy and bitter, crush two berries together to loosen its essence.

Cherries: Add a bit of colour and sweetness to your glass with these classic red cherries.

Blue Cherries: Crush a few of these together and add them to the bottom of your glass. The subtle release of flavour over time will enhance any gin.

Apple: If you want to introduce a fresh, crisp and sweet note to your gin then you cannot get a better start than adding apple to your botanical list.


Recipe Suggestion:

Get your glass and fill with your preferred amount of ice.

Pour in your favourite gin and stir.

Add one or two shavings of either lemon or orange rind (careful to avoid the pith)

Choose your botanicals and add them to your glass.

As an idea for a savoury aroma add one cardamom pod, two juniper berries and three pink peppercorns.

For a sweeter aroma try adding one star anise, one or two hibiscus flowers and a couple of blue cherries.


It is important that you do not use more than three different botanicals in each drink. If using cardamom or pink pepper it is always a good idea to gently open the pods by pressing gently between your thumb and forefinger, this will split the ingredient and allow its natural aroma and taste to be released.

Top up with tonic and enjoy wonderful gin botanicals.

There are thousands of different taste combinations waiting to be discovered so make sure you mix and match until you find your favourite blend.



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