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Welcome to the Gourmetastic website. Gourmetastic is a division of Global Foods & Provisions Ltd. At Gourmetastic we are food & drink suppliers who aim to provide you with the very best products and ingredients that you can buy. You can buy directly from us online from our online shop here on the website, but if you do want to call us with any questions about any of our products please give us a call on +44 (0)161 660 3380, we will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

Below are 3 of our most popular products:

Coconut Gold
Coconut Gold Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil
Himalayan Pink Salt
Gourmet Himalayan Pink Salt
Star Anise
Gourmet Senses Star Anise


Our aim when creating Gourmetastic was to have a site where anybody could go, whether they were involved in the food industry or just love to cook at home, and find exceptional quality food ingredients. The one thing that all our staff have in common is that we are very passionate about our food so that this is very much a labour of love as far as we are concerned. This passion for food drives us to find the very best ingredients which both ourselves and our customers can benefit from.

Years Experience In The Food Industry

Although this website is relatively new, we have been involved in the food industry for many years and so have a wide range of contacts, not just here in the UK but across the world, which means we can source the very best food ingredients at affordable prices.

Gourmet Foods For All

We believe that we all want to eat more healthy food, more quality food, which is produced on an ethical, environmentally friendly basis, and so we are looking for just such food products to share with you. We all have a duty to try to ensure the food that we eat is not produced in a way that is harming animals, people or the planet itself, and the products we provide are all sourced with the above in mind.

Organic Coconut Oil & Himalayan Pink Salt

A couple of our most recent acquisitions are organic coconut oil and Himalayan pink salt. The organic extra virgin coconut oil that we supply is called Coconut Gold and is actually our own brand. The coconut oil is produced under fair trade conditions in Sri Lanka and we are delighted with the result and the high quality of this delicious coconut oil.

And Himalayan pink salt is another high quality ingredient which adds so much to food and has many health benefits in comparison to the average table salt that is on sale.

Customer Feedback

We are very keen to engage with our customers as much as possible so if you want to contact us with any feedback after purchasing any of our products we would be very happy to hear from you. Customer reviews are very important both for us and for other people who may want to purchase from the site.

To leave feedback please either send us an email or you can fill in the form on our Contact Page